Anton Popov The stone age didn’t end due to a shortage of stones.

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In mid 1990-s with international team of Shell OH successfully brought company to gas retail market of Russia, then started a career in the electric power production and transmission industry. By 2013, have held key management positions including the construction of nuclear power plants around the globe and Vice President of the Russian Federation’s Energy Agency (REA), State Ministry of Energy. Educational attainments include an M.S. in physics, St. Petersburg State Technical University, 1994, and an M.S. with honors from St. Petersburg State University, Banking Institute and Stockholm School of economics, 1996. Now performing at the juncture of science, business and modern art.

Featured Projects

Sci Park
  • Slovenia, EU
  • The Science and Art Park with cutting edge business model will enable high return in EU real estate market. The Park will use automation technology to integrate advanced interactive exhibition, business and conference space, brand display and automatic catering facilities. As a return to community it will also provide scientific and technological entrepreneurship support.

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  • Slovenia, Bled
  • International
  • Ordinary museums take their visitors back in time,
    the AntiMuseum ushers you into the future of science and technology.

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    Business physics
  • International
  • There is no bad weather, only improper clothing.

    - Technical business sulutions.
    - 25 years of experience.
    - Strategy worldwide.
    - Locating problems and fixing it.

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